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Building a House!

27th Apr 2020

You will need: cardboard, pens/markers and scissors

Before we start to play I want us to think of some shapes.

Have a look around your room, can you see a circle? It is a round shape. I’m sitting in the kitchen and I can see round plates that I eat my dinner off.

Have another look, can you see a square? It is a shape that has 1, 2, 3, 4 straight sides that are all the same size! I found a square on my wall, my light switch is a square shape!

Have another look, can you see a triangle? It has 3 sides and 3 points. Can you find one? This is a tricky one to find! I found a cheese triangle in my fridge!

Last one, can you find a rectangle? It has got 1, 2, 3, 4 sides just like a square except 2 sides are short and 2 sides are long. My door is a rectangle!

We are going to use our shapes to help us build our houses! These are special houses because it will be able to stand up all by itself!

Have a look at my finished house. What shapes have I used? Can you remember the names of them?

Have a go boys and girls to do as much of this activity as you can! It’s a great activity for making your little hands nice and strong!

  1. Get your cardboard and a marker. Have a go at drawing your rectangle shape, this will be the walls of your house. Remember it has got 1, 2, 3, 4 sides – 2 long sides and 2 short sides. Draw a triangle shape on the top of your rectangle, this will be the roof of your house.
  2. Get your scissors and have a go at cutting out your house shape.
  3. Using your scraps of card cut out a strip and then cut your strip in half. You have made 2 small rectangles! You will use these to help your house to stand up.
  4. Get your house shape and do 2 little snips at the bottom of your house and push in your small rectangles and your house should stand up!
  5. Get your markers again and now you can draw onto your house all the features. What do we need? Windows, doors, flowers, decorate your house with beautiful colours. Go outside and have a look at your front door, does it have a number? You could put your number on your front door! What colour is your front door? You could colour your front door the same colour!
  6. A challenge for you could be, can you get your front door on your house to open? You might be able to get some of your toys to live in your house! Let us know!

I’ve only made one, but if you have lots of card board you could make a whole street!

If you don’t have, or didn’t want to make your house using the cardboard, you could get a big sheet of paper and some markers/paints and you could draw/paint your house instead.

You could build a house using Duplo or Lego.

You could build a house using an old milk carton!

If you carry out the activity, send us through a picture of your finished house on see saw. We would love to see all your hard work!

Remember, as always, there is no pressure to carry out this activity.

Stay safe and have fun!