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Ebrington Primary  and Nursery School is one of the largest co-educational schools within the Education Authority (EA) Western Region.

We have a long and proud history stretching back to the foundation of the school in April 1901 in Ebrington Presbyterian Church and then in 1960 to premises at Ulsterville Avenue / Lapwing Way.

However, the school has recently relocated to our new site on the Limavady Road in March 2017.  We now have an outstanding new building with excellent facilities which will not only serve the community of the Waterside for the next 50 years but provide an inspirational learning environment that will encourage every pupil to reach their potential. 

We look forward to forging closer links with Foyle College at all levels, as they have now completed their move to the campus in January 2018.

It's with some degree of certainty that we can truly say - our future is bright - our future is secure!





Latest Gallery

"A Leaf Man."
"A leaf man."
"A cow. I used the big leaf and small leaf for legs. Big leaf for head and 2 conkers for eyes and small acorn for nose."
"This is cow. I used leaves."
"A leaf girl. He runs around the forest. She's Bella."
"a autumn cow. This cow hibernates like hedgehogs. He sleeps in the winter and wakes up in the spring."
"A leaf man."
"Leaf Man. Eyes, nose, body, shoes and arms."
"A leaf man. He got 2 noses. He runs into the school."
"A Gingerbread Man with the leaves."
"A butterfly made of leaves and pine cone."
"Leaf Man."
"Dinosaur. Big body. Big mouth."
"A leaf butterfly. He flies everywhere and picks up a lot of cows!"
"I made a leaf man."
"I made a Leaf Man."
"A wee bird. It's sleeping."
"A leaf man. He's called leaf."
"2 wings the same and a body."
"A leaf butterfly. This is the nose and wings and legs and toes."
"A man. I need arms first. I have big legs and this is a sock and a shoe. A big giant leaf man."
"A leaf man, he's walking to Paw Patrol. He's called Alfie."
"MY cow needs a tail. He needs eyes. A leaf cow."
"This is a leaf man, I'm going to do his toes."
"I made it with autumn leaves and conkers. Pine for a nose."
"I'm doing a cow. I love cows. It's 2 legs and a tail and a poky nose."
"It likes flapping it's wings and it likes to see if it can find butterfly friends."
"A leaf man. He's called Jobe."
"A Leaf Man called Alex."
"This is a leaf man. His name is ice-cream cone!"
"It's a butterfly and it's got wonderful wee wings."
"A red and yellow butterfly. Made the eyes and nose, the leaf man."
"I did a man. He has legs."
"a leaf butterfly. He flies all over."
"Man! Eyes!"
"I found a big leaf and a smaller one. The conker is nose for the butterfly."
"I need this for the milk to get out. I made a cow."
"A leaf man. He's got a nose and arms and legs and a mouth."
"A Leaf Man."
"A Leaf Man. He's called leaf guy. He plays in the forest."
"My Gingerbread Man is made of a leaf."
"A leaf fish swimming about under the water."
"A fish like that one."
"It's a fish."
"a leaf butterfly."
"A fish with flippers!"
"eyes, eyebrows."
"A leaf man called Lily. He picks up leaves in the autumn time."

Latest News

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Tables 3 and 4 told us all about their pets today and how they looked after them....
11th Oct 2019
Today tables 1 and 2 presented their show and tell about their pets and told us how...
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Today Primary 2b went for a walk to buy stamps at the local shop and then to post...
7th Oct 2019
This week children from the Banana and Grape groups told us all about their favourite...
7th Oct 2019
Last week all the Nursery children went for an autumn walk around our school. We...

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