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Ebrington Primary & Nursery School, Clooney Campus, Londonderry

Our Autumn Walk in Nursery 1!

12th Oct 2022

In Nursery we read the story 'We're Going on a Leaf Hunt'. After reading this story we were so excited to wear our wellies into Nursery and go on our very own leaf hunt!

We found lots of different coloured leaves - red, yellow, orange and brown. We noticed how the leaves from lots of different trees has changed colour and some had even fallen down. We used the different coloured leaves that we found to make autumn leaf skewers. We also made little dens for our hedgehogs so they could snuggle down and have their big long sleep in the winter time when they hibernate. The children had noticed some trees with berries on them and some apple trees. 

During our group time in nursery we then talked about the different coloured leaves, their size and pattern and we used them when singing our autumn songs with our stretchy blanket!


We had so much fun today on our autumn walk!