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Year Three Padlet

17th May 2020

Hello Parents,

We, the Year Three teachers have now introduced 'Padlet’ – an online forum where we will share any updated curriculum information with you. 

You already have your child’s home learning pack for the month of May.   At the start of June we will provide you with the final home learning pack.  However, we will now use ‘Padlet’ to share the weekly spellings lists and phonic activities with you.  Should we come across a link or activity that is relevant to our topics then we may decide to add it as an option for you to try.  This learning forum is not extra work, it is not over and above your pack, it is simply a way for us to elaborate on the pack and share information on the topics we are covering.  We are hopeful that you will find this resource user friendly and more easily accessible than our website documents.  We love how we can now direct you straight to an online video or activity without you having to go searching the internet for it.

There is a class column at the far right of our ‘Padlet’ page where we will upload your child’s work and photographs that you email to us.  These will now be upload at the end of each week; this is a place where we can celebrate the success of everyone in Year three!

Please keep in touch.

Kind regards

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